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ZEOZORB® Introduces New Improved Chemical and Corrosion Resistant Tank Vent Dryer

ZEOZORB Tank Vent Dryers

(Cookstown, NJ) ZeoZorb, Inc. has announced the release of their new 720PE Tank Vent Dryer.  As leaders in moisture management and contamination control, Drytech has been providing similar products for years, protecting various liquids from moisture degradation and contaminants while in storage.  A downfall to some steel Tank Vent Dryers currently on the market is that certain chemical exposure — even vapors — can be highly corrosive, degrading the dryer and its components causing a greater need for system maintenance.  The new 720PE Tank Vent Dryer presents a product which is suitable for all chemical compounds being stored both indoors and outdoors. Being fully constructed of Polyethylene and utilizing chemically-inert Expanded PolyTetraFlouroEthylene (ePTFE) seals, this new 720PE Tank Vent Dryer can be used in the harshest of applications.

While these increased benefits of the 720PE make this product far superior to those currently on the market, the cost is more competitive thanks to the use of new fabrication technologies.

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