ZEOZORB® Transformer Breathers

How Do They Transformer Breathers Work?

ZEOZORB® Transformer Breathers operate as your first means of protection against moisture contamination. Transformer breathers take the approach of filtering atmospheric air before it enters your equipment rather than trying to take moisture out after it has been introduced into a system.

Inhale Cycle

    1. Air will enter the base of breather
    2. As the air is drawn into the breather, the moisture is adsorbed
    3. This dry air will then flow upward and into the tank or reservoir being protected
    4. The very dry air will blanket the free air volume inside the tank and will liberate moisture

Exhale Cycle

  1. Air will be pushed down through the top of the breather
  2. The air will flow back down through the desiccant and out of the bottom of the breather


  1. Bi-directional Valve Air Flow- Air entering the breather is filtered and dried. Then, each unit is valued to ensure the most efficient flow possible prolonging the life of the breather.
  2. Rugged Construction- ZEOZORB® transformer breathers are made of robust cast aluminum or robust ABS plastic and UV resistant polycarbonate tube.
  3. ZEOLITE Adsorbent- ZEOLITE absorbent provides up to 28% by weight adsorption and provides clean dry air less than 100 PPM. ZEOLITE maintains performance in high temperature environments, unlike Silica Gel.
  4. Easy to use and Ergonomically Friendly- All ZEOZORB® transformer breathers use a visual sight window to indicate when replacement is necessary. To replace- simply empty the spent breather contents and refill with new desiccant.
  5. Protective Housing- Optional protective stainless steel and expanded metal housings are available for additional protection
  6. Application Flexibility- Transformer breathers are offered in a variety of NPT/BSP and flanged connections. See our Adapters section for various fittings and DIN flange applications.
  7. Color Indication- When maximum adsorption is reached, the blue indicating beads will turn from blue to beige. This indicates replacement is required.