A ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breathers replaces the original dust or vent cap on your storage tank, gearbox, or hydraulic system and prevents contamination caused by moisture and other particulates. Oil contamination is the leading cause of premature wear and failure of bearings and other mechanical systems, and can affect negatively the contents of your storage tank. Reducing and eliminating contaminants extends preventative maintenance intervals and reduces costly repair downtime, especially in high-humidity or harsh operating conditions.

ZEOZORB® Silica Gel Breathers provide the same construction and durability of our ZZ series Desiccant Breathers but are filled with an indicating silica gel adsorbent. Silica gel is the most common media available, but only adsorbs most efficiently within a narrow range of operating parameters. Click here to learn more about the differences between adsorbents and why our customers are choosing Zeolite Desiccant.

Transformer breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering the conservator tank by filtering the air during the change in volume of the cooling medium and/or airspace caused by temperature changes. ZEOZORB transformer breathers are refillable, providing more cost effective maintenance options and are available in many sizes and materials to fit your application.

ZEOZORB® offers multiple adapters for commonly used connection types. See our brochures  for each product line for more information or contact us to help find or create the perfect solution!

The expected desiccant life for each product will vary based on the usage rate of the storage tank or operating cycle. Ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity will also affect the estimated life. Use our Desiccant Life Calculator to estimate the lifetime of our products or contact us about your application for a more complete review!

ZEOZORB® provides refill kits for our Tank Vent Dryers and Transformer Breathers. The only products that are not refillable are our Desiccant Breathers and Silica Gel breathers.

Yes, contact our ZEOZORB® sales team for custom products at [email protected]!

Yes! ZEOZORB® accepts credit cards.