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New Product: ZEOZORB® Silica Gel Breathers

(Cookstown, NJ) ZEOZORB® is pleased to announce that our team has put much effort into the release of our new ZEOZORB® Silica Gel Breathers. Our Silica Gel Breathers were designed by our hardworking engineering team to create the highest performing, yet lowest costing breathers on the market. These breathers were designed to protect against moisture and particulate contamination that will be most operable in less extreme conditions. These conditions are temperature controlled, between 100° F and -40° F.

Conveniently, we have designed our breathers to replace the standard OEM breather caps on equipment, making it universal for all our customers. Our breathers show a clear UV resistant Polycarbonate tube – making it possible for the color changing silica gel to show when it is fully saturated and ready to be changed. Our blue silica gel will turn pink when fully spent.

Active          Saturated

   Active       Replace

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